The Hipster’s Thanksgiving: Curried Cream of Kale and Coconut Soup (Paleo/Primal/Vegetarian)

Well hellooo there! I’m currently sitting in my school’s library, procrastinating on studying for my microbio midterm tonight. Oh well. Couldn’t possibly care any less.

So I wanted to talk about something, Thanksgiving to be exact. What is with this whole tradition thing? Why do we have to have turkey, year after year, and then force ourselves to eat it day after bloody day?? Why do we go gaga for mushy bread (stuffing)? I don’t get it. All I know is that I’m hearing the song “Tradition” from Fiddler in the Roof go off in my head, again and again. Ugh.

Anyways, I’m just giving Thanksgiving a hard time. I actually like turkey, I just hate it dry. But I still haven’t fully understood the whole mushy-bread-stuffing thing. I’m sure I’ll learn to like it and learn how to be cultured in time. Which reminds me, remember in Toy Story when Mr. Potato Head rearranged his face and said he was Picasso? And then the people/toys who were around him were confused and he gets frustrated and yells “YOU UNCULTURED SWINES.” Or something along those lines at least… Well, I totally feel like I’m THAT person that Mr. Potato would yell at when it comes to American traditions and whatnot. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that I don’t get football, or baseball, or free Slurpee day at 711. Fortunately, I’m not the only one.

For all of you with similar sentiments toward Thanksgiving, (read: persnickety foodies) I had a bad a$s Curried Cream of Kale and Coconut Soup– special order for all the fabulous hipstas in my life. Kale—>ultimate hipster foods. Coconut—>shows you’re progressive enough to eat healthy saturated fats. Curry—>Shows how worldly and culturally competent you are. Win win win, my friends. Show that turkey who’s duh boss, ’cause this soup sure as hell is ;)

Curried Cream of Kale and Coconut soup
Yield: 6-8 servings
-7 heaping handfuls of baby kale
-1.5 cups of prepared broth (chicken preferably)
-1.5 cups of coconut milk (get my favourite, BPA-free brand here)
-1 oz of arrowroot powder (my favourite here)
-1 oz coconut oil (my favourite here)
-2 cups hot water
-4 tbsp coconut sugar (my favourite here)
-himalayan sea salt (my favourite here)
-1.5 tbsp curry (my favourite here)
-0.5 tsp of turmeric (my favourite here)
-coconut chips (my favourite here)
-3 egg yolks
- an additional egg for each person your serving , soft/medium/hard boiled to your preference
-coconut oil spread throughout the recipe for cooking (my favorite here)
-ginger (about a 1.5 knob)
Equipment needed: wooden spoonshigh powered blender
For the soup:

1.) Cook up your 7 heaping handfuls of baby kale in a large pot. This shouldn’t take long, 2-3 minutes at most. Once finished, take the pot off  the heat and set aside. Remove the kale from the pot and place it in a bowl for later.


2.) Now it’s time to start your roux! Take 1 oz of arrowroot powder and 1 oz of coconut oil and combine in the large pot that you just cooked your kale in (I’m trying to save you from washing tons of pans). Mix the mixture really well with a wooden spoon on medium low heat. If the mixture is thoroughly combined, and you start seeing little bubbles forming, your roux is done.

3.) Taking the 1.5 cups of coconut milk, and add it to the roux while stirring the whole time. DON’T freak out if it gets all lumpy and gelatinous, we’ll work through it.

4.) While continuing stirring, add 1.5 cups of broth to the mix and keep stirring. While continuing stirring, also add 1-2 cups of hot water to loosen up the mixture.
5.)Now is a good time to add half a tablespoon of minced ginger, 1 tbsp of curry powder, 0.5 tsp of turmeric, and the cooked kale to the coconut milk mixture. Mix it all up and take it off the heat.You need two of these, chopped up finely!
pmsoup6.) Take the kale, coconut milk mixture and pour it into a high powered blender or food processor. If your blender or food processor is too small, do this step in batches.
7.) Blend the mixture until a nice, bright, uniform, green color is achieved. Once achieved, pour the mixture back into the pot that it was originally in, and keep it on low heat. Add about 0.5 – 1 tsp of himalayan sea salt, more or less depending on your taste.
pmchoppedginger8.) Separate three eggs from their yolks, keep the yolks. Beat the yolks until uniform in appearance and add a ladleful of the kale soup to the yolks and beat until uniform again. You are tempering the eggs to make sure they don’t scramble in your soup! Add two or three more ladlefuls of soup to the yolk mixture, following the same steps. Once done, add the yolk mixture back into the soup and mix the soup up thoroughly.
9.) Add 3-4 tbsp of coconut sugar to the kale soup, mix thoroughly, and take the soup off of the heat.
For the soft boiled eggs and salted coconut chip topping:
1.) Depending on how many you’re serving, and how many eggs people want, bring an adequately sized pot of water to boil. Once boiling, add your egg(s) and boil on medium high heat for 8-10 minutes, depending on how well done you like your eggs. SET A TIMER!
2.) While the eggs are boiling, take a small or medium sized pan and to it add 0.5 – 1 cup of coconut chips with a dash of himalayan sea salt. Move these around the pan constantly, until golden brown. DON’T leave them from your sight! Once a golden brown color is achieved, take the pan off the heat.
3.) You’re practically done! Ladle some of the soup into a bowl, add a scoop of the cooked veggies, quarter one of the soft boiled eggs and place on top, and garnish with the salted, toasted coconut chips! ENJOY! It is super yummy :)


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